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In Turbo Grass our commitment leads us to provide a very aesthetic and elegant green layout in no time for your office, local or home. It is always welcome providing some green to your space, no matter where it is outdoors and indoors.

Get in touch with us, and let us enlighten your yards, walls and even roofs with Ivy, Grass and Lights’ best Installation Practices.

We have an experienced team and unparalleled quality.

15 year guarantee on all our products!

Product and materials absolutely safe for children and pets.

Let us do the hard work and enjoy your home!

The details matter

We have always been somewhere the grass is greener and the place is lovely. And if we want to take that feeling into our homes or offices, the details are crucial. In Turbo Grass we pay special attention to the edges, the grass segment union, and the harmony. Our services are provided with cured labor, dedication, and the passion required to make your space shine.


One of the greatest trends in Miami decorations: Artificial Ivy for walls and open spaces. Get the best Ivy installations in a matter of hours.


We create amazing layouts in your backyard or any space you need in your house, combining artificial grass & concrete.

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Get the best lighting for your front or backyard. We set up the best fitting equipment, so you can get a night look to die for!

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